Friday, September 09, 2005

Random FunFact.
I found out yesterday that [Ben] is the second most occurring first name for an artist in my iTunes library. Rufus taking the No.1 spot (as in Rufus Wainwright, but we’ve already been there).

And to celebrate this pointless random coincidence, which seemed magical and made me irrationally happy, and since it’s the weekend I decided to invite all cousins and cousin-ettes (including respective spouses) to a barbecue. The heat has become just bearable at night.
We ate, drank and talked until the early morning. The Only interruptions were helicopters flying too low and drowning our words in their chop-chop-chop sounds and machinegun shots, which we pretended were fireworks in the distance.

And my second decision was to share some of the Ben flavoured goodness with you. So here, have some Ben.

Jesusland – Ben Folds
Float On – Ben Lee (a Modest Mouse cover)
Pop A Cap In Yo' Ass – Ben Watt feat. Estelle
You Remind Me Of Home – Benjamin Gibbard

Jesusland and Pop A Cap are my recommendation if you really don’t want to listen to all the Bens. Jesusland is just beautiful and Pop A Cap is a really classy, laid back house track with Estelle telling a tale of shoplifting and the rocky road that lies ahead for children of the ghetto.