Monday, September 05, 2005

So to add to everybody’s problems the minister of oil has come up with a marvelous plan to complicate our lives just a bit more. He decided to amuse us a bit with an Odd/Even game.

Starting tomorrow you will have to check if your car number is odd or even because His Oiliness has decided that since he can’t do ANYTHING at all to solve the fuel problem he will just ban odd cars from going on the streets on days and even numbers on others.

Ah, the memories this brings. The only other time this was done was during the Iraq/Iran war. I mention this just to point out that His Oiliness isn’t even being creative with this decision he just plucked a lesson from the old regime.
What His Blessed Oiliness seems to forget is the fact that a lot of the fuel consumption goes towards the operation of electricity generators because the country doesn’t have enough electricity to go round either.

Habibi, this is a bad decision. Schools are going to start soon so are you going to, magically from under your turban, produce a fleet of school buses which will shuttle the kids back and forth when their parents cars can’t go on the streets because it is the wrong day? What about government employees? Do you have any idea what the public transport system is like? Oh sorry there is no such thing, I forgot your government washed its hands clean of that sticky situation so you don’t care.

By Allah, we have been so blessed by such caring and compassionate government officials who have such clever clever ideas on how to “elevate the people’s suffering” (His Oiliness’s words not mine and he also added in an interview on al-Sharqyia that we need to see more appreciation to the efforts the government makes to elevate the suffering).

Ah the hilarity of it all.
Seriously baby, don’t do it. Our lives are already too, ahem, exciting. No need to add another amusing hurdle.

But who cares? Who listens?

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