Wednesday, May 03, 2006

R is a shop owner - electronics, mobile phone accessories that sort of thing – he’d gotten married recently and his wife was pregnant. He also had his parents and sister to support which is why he thought it would be a good idea to expand his business a bit so he borrowed some money to expand. He borrows and lends money all the time. Part of doing business but this time he borrowed from the wrong people.

The lenders wanted their money back after a couple of months but R didn’t have it. This wasn’t what the lenders wanted to hear so they threatened to kill him if he didn’t pay. Nothing new here, Baghdad is the new Wild Wild West and death threats are almost issued with the monthly food rations.

R’s family did inform the police and file a report but the father knew there was nothing they would do.

R’s family asked him to leave Baghdad for a while so he went to Kurdistan where he had relatives and everybody thought he would be safe there. But the lenders thought this was just too annoying and they just weren’t going to tolerate this rudeness.

It happened at 6am in the morning.
R’s mother has knee trouble she can’t walk well and his father is a simple elderly man and R’s sister, a 26 year old woman, is also home she doesn’t work and takes care of here father and mother.

R’s mother was woken up by an explosion at six, not too loud. Maybe something in the distant. Her husband wasn’t beside her; he usually wakes up early for the morning prayer and walks a bit in the garden.

R’s sister ran out to find here father only to find that the sound of the explosions wasn’t loud not because it was far away but because this was a small bomb that exploded in their drive way, under their own car.

The “lenders” had come early in the morning tied up R’s father who was probably walking in his garden, put him in the car and set an explosive device under the car. R’s father died in the burning car. The “lenders” had left a note of warning as well.

R’s mother and sister have been on the move since that day, they couldn’t even do a proper funeral. The police never bothered to do something deciding it is just another gang and they can’t really help.