Monday, December 05, 2005

It is really painful to watch the proceedings of Saddam’s trial. Some Iraqi newspapers have described the judge as patient, I don’t know really. It seems to be getting more out of hand with every day of the proceedings. It is very clear what is going on, Saddam’s lawyers will keep going on and on about the legitimacy of the court and will never give a chance to the proceedings to go on.

Saddam stands up and interrupts the judge shouting “Long live Iraq”. It really is too much for my blood pressure. And a copy of the Koran in his hands!!! Barzan stands up and points at the judge and starts arguing. What chaos!

And what the hell is that American doing in the courtroom?? If you are that worried about human rights why don’t go look at what your own government is doing in Guatnanamo? At least that is something people will thank you for.

The court was adjourned after only 45 minutes because Saddam’s lawyers led by that American decided to create a distraction by announcing they refuse to stay in the courtroom and now they got their way. The judge didn’t even say how long these deliberations with Saddam’s lawyers are going to take.

As the broadcast was cut we could hear Barzan’s voice shouting “why don’t you just sentence us to death and get it over with” implying the judge’s unwillingness to hear what hey have to say.

This promises to be really ugly.