Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More on the Ministry of Interior Affairs torture bunker

First there is a really interesting article on Reuters AlertNet which you might want to take a look at if you are following this horrendous scandal:

Guard shows no remorse over Iraq bunker prisoners
A police guard at the former palace said he had often seen Interior Ministry vehicles bring prisoners to the bunker.
"It was usually during the daytime. Then we would not see them after that”.
That was the news now for the rumours:

It is said that the investigations will reveal that there are about 10 or 12 such centres in and around Baghdad. One of them in al-Ameryiah district was being used as a sort of a site for graves for those who die in detention.

Al-Sharqiya TV talked about chain saws being found which were used to saw bits of people’s extremities off during torture sessions and the razors used for peeling off skin. The name of the person in charge of the detention centre in al-Jaderyia has not been revealed yet but is said that he was going under the name [al-Muhandis Abu-Ahmad] which means [Abu-Ahmad the Engineer], slightly sinister considering we are talking about someone who was using power tools on people.

On al-Sharqiya’s web site is a report which quotes Hadi al-Amiri the head of the Badr Militia in Iraq (remember that the detention centres are allegedly all being used by the Badr Militia under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior Affairs). He is obviously denies that Badr has anything to do with it and says that since the bunkers were under the control of an Iraqi ministry the American raid on it “is a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty”.

Isn’t this wonderful, we get the latest on Iraq’s sovereignty from the head of a religious Militia!!!!

There is also talk about the minister of National Security, Abdul-Karim al-Anzi, having a small force of about 500 men working for him, these are neither police nor military but some sort of a special task force and obviously on the government’s payroll.

It’s all just really ugly. I mean no matter how unhappy you were with the elections bringing a hard-line religious Shia government in control you would think that since the two big Shia parties, SCIRI and Dawa, saw the worst under Saddam’s regime they would understand how horrible and dangerous it is to use torture methods when in power.


This mess Dawa and SCIRI have put themselves into reminded me of something out of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. I looked for it, it really is one of the things that stuck with me after reading that novel:

Any new idea is asked two questions.
The first is asked when its weak: WHAT KIND OF AN IDEA ARE YOU?

Are you the kind that compromises, does deals, accommodates itself to society, aims to find a niche, to survive; or are you the cussed, bloody-minded, ramrod-backed type of damnfool notion that would rather break than sway with the breeze? The kind that will almost certainly, ninety-nine times out of hundred, be smashed to bits; but, the 100th time, will change the world.


[the second questions is] WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WIN?

[we only find out what the second question is after Mohammed/Mahound retuns victorious to "jahilia"]

I guess SCIRI and Dawa just answered the second question.