Thursday, August 12, 2004

starting a petition to have Sadir in the next swim suit issue of [Nude & Hard]

In her latest post Riverbend writes:

So is this a part of the reconstruction effort promised to the Shi’a in the south of the country? Najaf is considered the holiest city in Iraq. It is visited by Shi’a from all over the world, and yet, during the last two days, it has seen a rain of bombs and shells from none other than the ‘saviors’ of the oppressed Shi’a- the Americans. So is this the ‘Sunni Triangle’ too? It’s déjà vu- corpses in the streets, people mourning their dead and dying and buildings up in flames. The images flash by on the television screen and it’s Falluja all over again. Twenty years from now who will be blamed for the mass graves being dug today?
Essentially I do agree with you, the deaths during the recent days are more than scary and worrying. It makes your heart ache to see what is happening in Najaf. Unacceptable. But I think you are not pointing your finger in the right direction. What is going on these days in Najaf, Baghdad, Basra and other Iraqi cities is not entirely the fault of the coalition.
I can’t understand why you don’t see the danger in the group of people calling themselves Mahdi’s Army and the Sadir followers and why it is important to show them the limits beyond which they are not going to be tolerated.
I am totally convinced that there is no good in them. Has there been any constructive suggestion by them other than demanding the end of occupation? Is calling the shrine of Imam Ali a holy of holiest and then putting snipers on top of it a sign of respect? Is

I don’t see this situation very comparable to the Falluja situation; to begin with this could be the start of something much worse. It could lead to a much bigger problem in the south and with Sadir’s influence in Basra the threat to the future of Iraq could be much bigger, they already are threatening to close down oil export operations in Basra. And with Iran backing him wait for them to demand the south’s secession.

Sorry Riverbend, I have to disagree with you there, it is not the Americans who should be blamed for turning Najaf into hell on this earth but rather Sadir’s people. And I hope, actually I am sure that you would never say that you see Sadir as a probable leader for Iraq and I don’t think his actions should be in any way be endorsed. You know very well that the day Sadir assumes power in this country you and I will have to think about spending the rest of our lives somewhere else.