Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today there was an interview with the minister of Justice in the newspaper.
There have been rumours that inmates who have been sentenced to death for crimes related to terrorism have been walking out of their cells by the truckload. And there is one wild rumour circulating about a group of another terrorists in a “high security” Iraqi jail in a remote area digging a tunnel out of their jail.

What was his response? He admitted that death-row inmates have been bribing the prison wardens and they were letting them go. He didn’t think it was his or his ministry’s fault. Apparently it is the fault of the National Assembly. The law laid down by the NA for death sentences make it necessary to do a lot of paper work which has been taking the ministry up to two months to finish and this time is apparently more than enough for indicted terrorists to become chummy with their wardens and find out how much it would take to let hem walk and then get in contact with their buddy terrorists and arrange for payments.