Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And the weirdness continues.

Ahmad’s father is attacked while in a taxi in the Shula district. Mind you, nothing personal, he is just a lowly employee in a government job he means nothing on the scale of the big fish. Just some freak who probably was bored and decided to shoot a random car. Luckily he and the taxi driver are only wounded and rushed to the hospital near by.

Ahmad gets a phone call and leaves work to go check on his injured father. Shula is a Shia district and although it has seen its share of violence it was never as mad as neighbouring Ameriyah, so he wasn’t that worried about going there.

When he gets there he finds out that his father will survive and other than the injury he doesn’t have much to worry about. He walks out of the hospital and before he gets to his car he is bundled up and kidnapped.

A couple of hours later his body is found, decapitated. His head in a plastic bag near the body and no explanation.

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The latest news from Ameriyah is that the Jihadis there have distributed leaflets advising women against wearing that devilish invention called Trousers. A friend of my mother who usually goes to work in the local bank in trousers has taken a couple of days off to go look for skirts.

The driver of the mini-bus who drives my cousin to university from Ameriyah has told all the girls that if they don’t wear a headscarf they are not getting on the bus “they won’t kill you, they will kill me”.
My cousin now has her first collection of scarves matching her purses.

Islamists:2 Freedom & Democracy: Nil

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It should not be a surprise to you if you have been following the news of Iraqi ministries that the Ministry of Health is controlled by the supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr and it is not yet clear whether in the new government this will be the same.

And since every good Muslim knows that when a man and a woman are alone the devil will be their third the minister, in an effort to minimize the possibility of such devilish threesomes, has segregated the elevators. When you walk into the ministry today you will see the elevators marked like toilets, one for men and one for women.

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One of my parents’ friends house was robbed last week. It’s a big house but they are both retired and they don’t really have much, which really pissed off the 6 armed men who barged into the house late that night.

While the house was being ransacked they found the couple’s passports. Chief-thief threw it at them and asked a VERY wise question: “When you two have passports can you tell me what you are still doing here?”

I ask myself the same question almost everyday. And clearly answering “this is home” really isn’t cutting it anymore.